Consecutive Interpretation



Interpreting, like playing chess, is a game of problem solving, evaluation, critical thinking, intuition and foresight. Every game is different and every game is a challenge.

Pham Hong Hanh, «Note-taking in consecutive interpreting»

In this mode, the interpreter takes notes while the speaker speaks and then reproduces the speech in the target language once the speaker has finished or pauses. No technical equipment is required. Recommended for shorter events or protocol events, such as award ceremonies, receptions, interviews, meetings/negotiations with a small number of attendees or short training sessions.

This is said to be the most complex mode, as it requires polished note-taking and memorisation skills, although it can be the most rewarding for the interpreters, as it establishes a closer rapport. Here, the role of the interpreter is key to creating an environment of trust between the interlocutors that guarantees the success of the project.

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